After working as a public defender at the Legal Defenders Association, Ron has thrived in private practice for over thirty years. Ron initially worked with John O'Connell at the offices of "O'Connell & Yengich." However, he soon began his own practice and has been the Senior Partner at Yengich & Xaiz ever since. Ron has taken numerous high profile cases over the years and is relentless in his aggressive representation of criminal defendants throughout the United States.


Visitors to this website will gain insight into the passions of one of the great personalities in Utah's legal community.

Ron's maxims are:

"To Prosecute is Human, To Defend is Divine"

"The Defense Never Ever Rests"

"A Reasonable Doubt For A Reasonable Price."

Criminal Defense Attorney Ronald J. YengichRonald J. Yengich

Criminal Defense and occasional political trials. Mr. Yengich represented a former Salt Lake County Treasurer, Art Monsoon; a Salt Lake County Commissioner; a Salt Lake City Mayor; a Congressman of the United States of America; Anti-Shah protestors during the Carter administration; numerous judges, prosecutors, police officers and an occasional innocent citizen.